Who is fxtrader360.com

Fxtrader360.com (fxtrader investments ltd) is Africas fastest growing forex and CFD broker/ investments portal. The company offers retail online forex trading through its trading platform a superior award winning software used most traders around the continent.

Why traders choose fxtrader360

  1. Social investing: You never have to trade alone with fxtrader360. You have an Idea about which friends are trading with you on the platform, what those friends and top traders are investing in and you could as easily ask them why they are investing in whichever instrument they are investing in. Why trade any other way. trade social with fxtrader360
  2. High speed execution: With fxtrader360.com, your trades are implemented instantly.
  3. Tight spreads
  4. no dealing desk
  5. Free demo accounts: You can practice/ learn how to trade absolutely free through our demo trader.
  6. Easy to use platform.

Is fxtrader ltd regulated?

Fxtrader is an officially registered and licensed company in the republic of Uganda CMA regulated in all its functionality. We are obliged to meet specific standards and ethical requirements to suite and protect our investors needs

The group has set a stand in Africa creating Africa's most widely used trading platform custom made to better suite the needs of most traders in Africa. 

This long-standing expertise, trade floor and commitment to technology and customer service, has enabled us to develop the trading platform to meet our clients' needs.

We are Africa’s first premium online stock, forex and commodities trading platform. We provide you a portal through which you can invest in multiple instruments all over the world.

What we believe in

we believe in an easier, transparent and open financial investment system for Africa.


  • To reduce the financial literacy gap by 30% by 2020

  • To become Africa’s most used financial investment platform by 2015


Management Team

Fxtrader360.com is part of a larger group FxTrader Ltd spearheading Africa’s Next generation financial service provision. With services provided to banks, financial institutions and retail investors, perfection is guaranteed at every level. The fxtrader team is governed by a team of professional managers, financial advisors, treasury gurus and Software Engineers all dedicated to making your experience on fxtrader360.com better and more profitable in every possible angle.

Products and services

1) We provide you a platform to invest in forex instruments. The system is integrated  to liquidity providers and clearing agencies to get the best possible prices on the market.

Available currency pair.

all major currencies are traded including the USD/JPY, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD etc

You can invest in any currency pair 24/5

2) stocks/shares of multiple companies worldwide.

We tried to make it easy for you to invest in whichever company shares you want to invest in all over.the world. Even with Apple, GOOG whose value is over $500 we broke it down in that you can use as low as $10 to buy part of a share so you can invest and grow as the company you love grows.

3) Clearing services for retail forex trading platforms


Why Fxtrader360.com

  1. Social investing

Imagine investing the social way. Invest with other people all over the world knowing what other investors all over the world are actually investing in and being able to talk to them and understanding which strategies they are using to profit from investing in alternative instruments worldwide.

  1. Low spreads

  2. Instant execution

  3. Very easy to use platform

  4. FxTrader360 mobile app

How to find us near you

Feel free to contact us at Any time at Our branch near you. Head quarters 3rd floor Jumbo Plaza. Kampala road Next To ECO Bank plaza.

Depositing funds

You have varrying options to deposit money onto your fxtrader360.com account.

Multiple alternatives

1) Bank transfer

Deposit funds on

Bank name United Bank for Africa

Account name fxtrader investments ltd

Bank branch spear house

Swift code:UNAFUGKA

Depositors name: Use the username you use while logging in for example trader309


2) Visa

3) Mobile money

4) Western union

5) Money gram

Withdrawing funds

Feel free to withdraw funds at any point in. Fill in the withdrawal form with your account name and details and within 3 business days your money will be on your account