Fxtrader360 intends to help bridge the financial information gap in Africa. We have put forward free online and offline training classes/training program for those interested in learning how to trade forex and stocks

Here is how to enroll for the classes

  1. contact customer care through +256783411545 to establish interest in the classes
  2. Focus will be tended towards how best to profit from both the forex and stock market.
  3. Classes are scheduled 3 times a week depending on which enrolment you got into.
  4. The classes are absolutely free.

What you expect to learn

  1. What is forex
  2. How to invest in forex
  3. How to profit from the markets
  4. Risks and ways to reduce risk when investing in the markets
  5. How to use the fxtrader360 platform
  6. Benefits of trading through fxtrader360

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