Beginner's guide to the fxtrader360 platform


Welcome to help section. In the beginner tutorial, we will be explaining to you how to use the interface. This quick tutorial will enable you become familiar with the system and begin to trade within 10 minutes. Basically you will know how to go about the system by the help of all the links on the page

Using the menu has two menu areas, at the top and on the left hand area. The top menu includes home, about us, help. and it does this, or that, it can also do magic

Trading guide is an online trading platform. We provide trading of forex majorly of the most traded instruments including EUR/USD and USD/JPY and stocks from multiple exchanges worldwide. check it out yourself right here

Making your first trade tries to extend focus to all trading groups. whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro trader, we have better tools for you. To place your first trade, login to your dashboard click the green/red tab for sell or buy into a currency pair

Get a bonus on your first deposit

With $100 to $500 get a 10% bonus

Between $501 and $2000 get 15% bonus

over $2001 get a 20% bonus