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Getting started with fxtrader360

Fxtrader360 is a one way portal for you to invest in multiple financial instruments with the help of the wisdom of the crowds. The platform is built as a trading platform with the social functionality custom made to give you basic exposure about how and what other people are investing in

How to invest in currencies

There are ten currency pairs currently traded on fxtrader360. These include some of the most traded pairs worldwide:


Those are the traded pairs. To place a trade you would have to go to the dashboard. click on the buy or sell of the currency pair you want to buy into. After setting the volume, risk and stop loss or take profit, click start trade and you would officially have place your first trade

How to invest in stock

Each stock has its own profile page. Take for example UMEME profile. The profile provides news, trading feeds and chat all in real time. All these elements help you make your investment decisions. Click on the blue BUY button to buy into the specific company stock.