Here are some promotions you and your friends could be intereted in:

1) Sign up and get a $10 Bonus/credits

Whenever a new user signs up and posts "i just joined fxtrader360 #fxtrader360promo" and completes there profile information 100% will be credited $10 bonus. 

2) Refer a friend and get a bonus

Refer a friend and get a bonus for both you and your friend. Share the link provided to you on your home page whether on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, fxtrader360, your email, your blog, wherever you can share it to and whoever signs up through a link you shared anywhere, you get a bonus the moment they deposit fund to their account. You will get a notification the moment they deposit. 

Both you and your friend get the bonuses. Check the link to see how much both you and your friend earn here

3) Verified accounts.

Complete your profile fully, Make your first deposit and get the verified stamp on your profile. This is cut out in accordance to the anti money laudering laws. Verified users are approved by  fxtrader360

4) Premium accounts

Premium account holders get premium services. And special services holding the account comes with. 

  • Faster withdrawals
  • Fxtrader360 premium visa cards (coming soon)
  •  Lower charges on Premium Card withdrawals
  • Account managers to directly assist you in your trading decisions and investments advise
  • Interior assistance with our experts on our trading floor.
  • Bigger bonuses on deposits
Deposit bonus Verification assistance
$2000-$4999 15% YES YES
$5000-$9999 20% YES YES
$10000 and above 25% YES YES