How the stocks work.


1) Click the exchange or the sector button depending on how you would want to search and invest. A drop down will appear with the various options which will direct you to company stocks when selected. For-example Uganda securities exchange stocks are here

2) To select the company to buy from,  click the buy button on your choice of investment to start buying.

3) A form with the current price and optional amount you could invest will appear. You can now click the optional investment amount showed or type in the amount in a text field below the "amount buttons" and click confirm order. For-example would redirect you to a purchase page for the company stocks.

4) Once you click confirm, your stock will appear as pending until it is approved from the exchange. You can view your pending orders from the address, This includes both orders pending after purchase or sell.

5) At this point, after purchase, we will take your order and notify you once it has been approved and it will appear here

Note: If the stock is unavailable at a moment, we will notify you through your notifications and email. Your trade will now appear under the failed trades at address,


1) once your purchase has been confirmed, it will appear, on this page there will be a sell button. Click this sell button to affirm the sell

2) Once you confirm the sell action, the stock will appear under the pending trades until a sell is confirmed at the exchange.Your pending orders can be listed at

3) Once your stock has been sold, your investment and profits will be credited to your account and the trade will appear under closed trades at